How To Use QTip 3ds max plugin to MD2

sorry, just simply copas from : this link

sinceits hard to find tutorial for MD2 export using Qtip in 3ds max if we are new in 3ds max

here we go :


Programs needed:

  • Software Needed
  • 3DSMax (Preferably 2011)
  • QTip (2010 plugin)
  • NSTv09b3 (Npherno’s Skin Tool v.9 Beta3)
  • Pakscape (v0.11)

1) Install QTip before opening 3DSMax. Do this by placing the QTiP30-max2010-32bit.dlu file in the plugins folder of 3DSMax.

EXAMPLE: (C:\Program Files (x86)\Autodesk\3ds Max 2011\plugins)

Use the 2010 plugin for 2011, it works great!

2) In 3DSMax make your model, skin it as you would any model. Once done skinning the model, unwrap the UVW.

Modify (tab) > Click on your model > Modifier List > UVW Unwrap > Parameters (category on left side) > Edit… (button) > Select your skin from drop down box > Mapping > Flatten Mapping… > Export UVW. Close this window once completed.

3) Click on the Utilities tab on the right side panel. Click More… button. Select QTip, press OK. Scroll down the right side panel, check the box that says Save PCX texture. Click on your model. Click Export all frames. You now have your PCX and MD2 file. (I would recommend saving these to your desktop for easy access)

4) Open NSTv09b3 program. Click on your desktop as the base2 folder. Open your MD2 file. It should say that it cannot locate your PCX file. For right now, thats ok, we will fix this.

Make folders on your desktop relevant to the models folder.

EXAMPLE: Make a folder called models, then inside that make objects folder, than inside that make grenades folder… etc.

EXAMPLE: models > objects > grenades (place .pcx file here)

Click Skins > Unlink. Then click Skins > Open. Select your PCX file. Click Skins > Link. You now fixed the link between your skin and the model. Click File > Save. You can close this program if you want.

5) Use pakscape to package your MD2 and PCX. Put them next to each other in the same directory.


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