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These notes are based around my COMP3511 course.

Interaction Design (+Scenarios)

  • Interaction Design is about creating user experiences that enhance and augment the way people work, communicate, and interact.1
  • Interaction Design has a much wider scope than Human Computer Interaction. ID is concerned with the theory and practice of designing user experiences for any technology or system, whereas HCI has traditionally been focused on/surrounding humans and computers specifically.
  • Interaction Design involves understanding the requirements.
  • Requirements can be functional (what should it do) or non-functional (what are the constraints). The usability principles (heuristics) fit into the non-functional requirements.
  • User Profiles are a set of persona’s. A persona is a short description of a fictional user.
  • Scenarios
    • Activity Scenario (narrative based on user’s requirements)
      • Used at the beginning of the design process.
      • Who, When, What, Why
      • Not technical/no specific details (re: does not presuppose the interface)
      • From the users perspective
    • Use…

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