Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

find a big thing,, hmmm…. literally the word startup Asia in the photo is big,,
the height maybe about 2metres and i don’t know how much the width is. but for me its not only literally big, startup not only word for me now. I still haven’t decided yet whether i will choose live in education, corporation or independent way. but at least i have tried the corporate way last year working in quite big software corporation, and now i’ll try the independent way by developing startup by myself 🙂 so startup has a special meaning for me now. startup is a very very big target for me, at least until next year :p i want to give my best shot here, the big one. so wish me luck for my startup and I’ll wish you the same if you are on the same path with me now.
let’s be the biggest startup Asia on the next year 😀


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