connection addict

“Is this perhaps why I feel ever so compelled to check my phone for Facebook updates and emails every half hour?  It feels like a bad habit, but perhaps the habit springs from a deeper desire to connect and feel connected. Why is this important to us? How can I channel this negative connection habit into a positive connection habit?”

that’s a quote from my friend in online class submission. She’s an artist and teacher, especially she like to write a play script, and what she’s put interest while writing that sentence is about connection.

what is connection?

It’s make me think further about human as social subject, while on this “connected era” we are easily satisfied for our connection need from our laptop or smartphone, but yeah we need to realized that having too much connection through our laptop / smartphone is a bad habit. like always open the facebook, email and twitter tab in our browser is a bad habit, it’s some kind of addiction. What I want to say is that I remembered that I’m on the process to breaking this bad habit and hopefully for you too.


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