16 MBTI personalities in one sentence

Lately, I have many new hiring in office so I start to dig deeper again about MBTI. According to wikipedia The Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is an introspective self-report questionnaire designed to indicate psychological preferences in how people perceive the world around them and make decisions.

I personally use it a lot to make decision wether or not I hire someone. I just less than 30 minutes interview I need to decide wether or not someone will be a good fit in my company culture or not. So quickly judge someone into one from 16 personalities in MBTI becoming an efficient way for me.

I believe that there is no superman employee, but I rather look for the collaboration that happen in the team while they work together to reach one goal. For me I have I-N-(T/F)-J rather balance between T and F, which shortly I can explain like this :

  • I (Introvert) : I speak a little and prefer to think or getting some idea through silence.
  • N (iNtuitive) : I look for opportunity, looking for future instead of current condition. kind of gambler.
  • T (Thinking) : I rather use logical reason than thinking about concerning other people feels.
  •  J (Judging) : I prefer some to work to gain some closure about something, and having organized & structured explanation or being able to explain the closure I gain in organized & structured explanation.


My secret way, is to map the people in my team with a balance composition of 16 personalities, and also try to match the jobdesc with the personality.

For example, my preference for software developer position I will prefer to have some one with I and T personality.

Here some brief explanation I found that can explain each 16 MBTI personalities in one sentence.

Myers–Briggs Type Indicator

INTP – they can out-think the rest of us

ENTP – they can solve the worlds problems

ENTJ – they get stuff done

INTJ – they are the master planners

INFP – they build bridges between us all

ENFP – they are our spirit and soul – freedom

ENFJ – they are our moral guidance – the right and the wrong

INFJ – they are there when you really need someone

ISFJ – they make civilisation, stability and home

ESFJ – they are the social leaders

ESFP – they are the fun and the living of life

ISFP – they are the art and the beauty

ISTP – they are the perfection of plan and action

ESTP – they are communication and relationships

ESTJ – they are the masters of our systems

ISTJ – they are the soft-spoken drivers of our systems


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